About the show

Rishabh and Shefali are like any other urban middle-class couple with three children and a world of mundane problems. Through therapy sessions we explore these issues that range anywhere from, how annoying Rishabh’s mother is to how they can't decide on one parenting technique for their children to how badly their role-playing session went.

  • Director - Sahil Sangha & Ajay Bhuyan
  • Writer - Karan Sharma, Sahil Sangha
  • Actors - Cyrus Sahukar, Mini Mathur, Denzil Smith, Sushmita Mukherjee, Anandita Pagnis, Nikki Sharma, Jason Dsouza, Rahul Verma
  • Click here to watch the trailer
  • All episodes now streaming on Amazon Prime Video
  • IMDB Page Link - Click Here

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