About the show

Unable to find out the truth about the Stranger, Rivanah’s investigation takes a darker turn as she chances upon a secret society responsible for honey trapping politicians in compromising situations. She also finds a harrowing truth about herself which leads her down a dark tunnel.

  • Director - Arjun Srivasstava
  • Writer - Novoneel, Anand Sivakumaran, Ayushee Ghoshal
  • Actors - Anuja Joshi, Mrinal Dutt, Darshana Banik, Abhinav Sharma, Anshul Pandey, Summer Jacobs, Vibhav Roy, Nirisha Basnett, Suchitra Pillai, Vikrant Koul, Tanvi Shinde
  • Click here to watch the trailer 
  • Click Here to watch all episodes on MX Player
  • IMDB Page Link - Click Here


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