About the show

Rivanah Banerjee is pursued by the Stranger as he tries to help her find the truth about her repressed memories. In this season, Stranger pushes her to find out more about Hiya which leads her to Dare Defy and a web of dark lies. Coupled with this, Rivanah finds trouble in paradise as Danny’s best friend Nitya moves in with them.

  • Director - Arjun Srivasstava
  • Writer - Novoneel, Anand Sivakumaran, Ayushee Ghoshal
  • Actors - Anuja Joshi, Mrinal Dutt, Darshana Banik, Nikhita Chopra, Vinit Sharma, Abhinav Sharma, Ambika Nayak, Anshul Pandey, Joy Sengupta, Summer Jacobs, Gaurav Chopra
  • Click here to watch the trailer
  • Click Here to watch all episodes on MX Player
  • IMDB Page Link - Click Here 

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