5 Kinds of Binge-Watchers

By Admin, 3rd August 2018   |   Shows Related

The Obsessed Loner

One who likes to watch each second of a series with full attention alone. The keyword here is alone. The obsessed loner will not allow another human presence to spoil the precious binge-watching session. This is a time that they wait for and cherish each moment of – this is their idea of me time. And the obsessed loner will not sacrifice it at any cost by struggling to watch it with another person.

The Hogger

We all know that one person who prepares for the binge-watching session like it’s a feast. The one eats a lot while watching will always have popcorn, sandwiches, snacks of different variety and soft drinks at their disposal.

The Geek

One who studies the background, characters, and each aspect of the show in full detail. This person takes their series very seriously and any discussion on their favourite show is bound to turn into a heated debate (if you’re on the wrong side of the conversation). The geeks love binge-watching not only because it’s fun but also because it gives them the freedom to over analyse every plot twist, study every character, and basically understand the finer nuances of a show they dedicate their precious time to.

The Stalker/Groupie

One who keeps a tab on what his/her Facebook friends and Insta fam is watching and talking about. The stalkers binge-watch multiple series in order to catch up with conversation online and offline. It is their way of jumping on the bandwagon of what’s trending and what ought to be watched, without doing the research themselves. They will use friend’s recommendations or their watch-list to keep abreast of the social frenzy.

 The Watch-It-All

One who doesn’t choose, watches all that comes their way. This binge-watcher basically has no filter. They watch shows for the love of watching. They will never have lists or shows divided by genres or categories. There’s no winning with them because they will just watch ’em all.

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